Brave Submarines

The Deep End cover art sketch
Original sketch for "The Deep End"


Brave Submarines was created around October of 2017 when "I Don't Wanna Hate My Life" started being written. While there was no name attached to the music at this time, this was the start of Brave Submarines.

Between October of 2017 and March of 2018, things started becoming more cohesive. Other songs from "The Deep End" were being written such as, "The Abyss", "The Deep End", and "The Little Things". Early sketches that would later be used as the artwork for "The Deep End" were also created during this time.

The name Brave Submarines didn't come until around mid 2019, which is also when the first songs from "The Deep End" started being recorded and uploaded to platforms like bandcamp and soundcloud. The reason these two things happened in conjunction is, most of the songs had already been written, but there wasn't a name to share them under yet. It took months to decide on a name and Brave Submarines was eventually chosen.